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As a single parent, there were many times I felt I was alone in the dark. I had many times I got tired of making decisions alone. Many times I wished I had someone to help make decisions, or better yet make them for me. I was tired of feeling like I was always making the wrong decision.

There were times I felt like there was a cloud over my head. A cloud filled with all the decisions I needed to make, all the consequences of those decisions and a huge weight that could fall on my head at any time.

Some people say you should never make important decisions alone. What do you do if there is no one to ask? There are many thoughts on the decision making process. I will share with you my thoughts and ideas. Information is always the key. If you have information then you can decide which what is best for you.

Making Decisions Alone

As I got older, I did learn to make better decisions. I wish I could say I don’t make bad decisions any more but sadly I am still human. I do think, however, that my bad choices and bad consequences have decreased over the years.

If it is a major decision you need to make then most likely you have a little time to mull things over. Here are a few key points for you to consider:

  • Identify the problem (situation)
  • Gather information
  • Analyze the situation (look at all your options)
  • Develop those options (ask what if?)
  • Evaluate those alternatives (give them ranking)
  • Select the preferred alternative (best outcome overall)
  • Act

Another thing to keep in mind is your feelings. We all get angry. One of the most important lessons I have learned (and still learning) is to keep my mouth shut. Think before you act. You don’t want to get angry and make a decision you will regret once you calm down. That’s one decision you may not be able to change.


Today we have the internet which was not an option for me when my daughter was younger. You can go online and find an opinion on anything. So, if you don’t have anyone to turn to who would be able to help in your decision making process, you can always find a forum or answer site which may be able to help you.

There will be times, probably many, where you will end up making the decision alone because it is what you know. It takes time to learn to lean on others. When that happens, just keep in mind the consequences. Good or bad, there are always consequences to your decisions. What will have the least damaging effect on your family?


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