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Get Organized

What does it mean to be organized? Let’s first look at how the dictionary defines organize:

: to arrange or order things so that they can be found or used easily and quickly

: to put things into a particular arrangement or order

:  to form into a coherent unity or functioning whole

:  to arrange by systematic planning

For me, organization is a state of mind first. You have to decide every day that you will stay organized, like with any other change you make. You keep making the daily decision until it becomes habit.

Why do I need to get organized?

Maybe you think everything is just fine the way it is. Maybe you feel you are organized enough. You might be, but if you have any doubt, keep reading.

Here is a simple example: You are getting a drink for your child, maybe orange juice. You spill a little on the floor, not a big spill, just a little spot almost under the counter. You don’t really feel like wiping it up right now – having to get a paper towel and such. So you leave the OJ for now, thinking you will get to it after you put your child down for their nap. Sound familiar?

You are a procrastinator! You will leave the OJ and when nap time rolls around you will have forgotten about it. You will forget about it until you get around to cleaning your kitchen floor and it takes you longer to clean because of this and other stains like it.

You probably follow all of the lazy rules and then some.


My daughter has this problem. Some people just don’t get it, although I think my daughter is unorganized because she knows it drives me crazy.

It may seem like a small spot of OJ on the linoleum is insignificant. But it’s not actually the OJ that is the problem, it is the big picture. If you do those little things right away, like clean up the OJ, it saves you time later on. Saving you time and energy gives you peace of mind – less stress.

Don’t leave your dirty clothes lying around, put in a basket right away. Fold and put away your clothes when they are dry.

This saves you so much time later on. Especially if your child has an early appointment and you have to dig through piles of clothes to find an outfit. And don’t get me started on socks!

My daughter loves to mix match her socks and has done this for years. I have finally gotten used to that. The thing that drives me crazy is to find one sock in odd places. I’ll be picking up the house and find one under the couch, in the cushions and in the kitchen of all places.

Try it and I promise you will see a difference in your life. Everything will start to go smoother and you will feel less stressed day to day.

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